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Star Trek Communicator Replica Coming Soon, Sadly Doesn't Communicate

This "life-size" Star Trek Communicator is a dream for every budding Kirk out there, sounding like the real thing when you flip it open, and with nine different voice phrases from the TV series built in. So okay, you can't actually contact anyone with it, but who needs that when you can pretend with "Spock here,… » 2/11/08 11:36am 2/11/08 11:36am

Dual-Screened Nokia E90 Communicator Sees the Light of Day

The Nokia E90 Communicator has come out of the blurry shadows and into the sharp spotlight, showing off its 3.2 megapixel camera, Edge, WiFi and HDSPA goodness on two screens, one inside and the other out. That outside screen is a conventional 240x320 while inside it's packing an expansive 800x352 screen that can show… » 2/12/07 7:54am 2/12/07 7:54am