Autographed Star Trek Phasers, Communicators to Go On Sale Next Week

A serious Star Trek fan and collector died recently, and an anonymous tipster sent us pictures of the Star Trek memorabilia he left behind. Here's a heads up to dedicated Trekkies everywhere: These items will be appearing on eBay next week, so check out the gallery on the next page; maybe there's something you'd care… »11/13/07 4:25pm11/13/07 4:25pm

Shatner Says Cellphones are Better Than Star Trek Communicators

Captain Kirk, while speaking at a Toronto press conference to shill for Canada's Rogers Wireless, says that cellphones today are more impressive than communicators from Star Trek. Assuming he's not just saying this because he's a spokes-rep for a phone company—like the time he said booking online was better than… »4/04/07 5:50pm4/04/07 5:50pm