IBM's Smarter Traveler Predicts the When, Where and How Long of Your…

Unless your morning routine is as predictable as Bill Murray's in Groundhog Day, chances are you don't catch the traffic report every morning, and even when you do, it's not tailored specifically for your commute. IBM's new Smart Traveler system takes care of that problem and then some for those of us who are a bit… » 4/13/11 8:20pm 4/13/11 8:20pm

Virtual Train Simulator For Japanese Kids

Can you imagine what kind of boring life you'd grow up to have if what you played with as a Japanese kid was a virtual commuter train simulator? All you do is go from one commuter stop to the next, picking up other sad sack salarymen, all the while enjoying the sights that is Japan's urban jungle. Makes me want to off… » 8/02/07 2:50pm 8/02/07 2:50pm