Sigma's New SD15 DSLR and DP2 Compact Cameras Hit, Improved Imaging Engines Aboard

Sigma's new SD15 and DP2 cameras are incremental developments of the original SD14 »9/23/08 4:39am9/23/08 4:39am and cameras, but without too much in the way of change. The SD15 and DP2 share the same 3-layer 14-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor as their predecessors, but have a new True (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II image processor aboard…

Nippon Signal Mini Projector Could Fit Into Your Shirt Pocket

Nippon Signal has revealed its new entrant into the color projector size war, showing off a SVGA 800 x 600 resolution color projector that's roughly the size of a cigarette case at a recent micromachines exhibition. The prototype, which measures a tiny 90 x 55 x 20mm, uses a MEMS scanner to project images, rather… »8/02/08 2:00pm8/02/08 2:00pm

The Backpack Bicycle For Ultra-Portable, Potentially Dangerous Transportation

The idea of a compact, folding bicycle is nothing new, but designer Chang Ting Jen is hoping to take the concept even further with his Backpack bike. According to the specs, a production version would weigh around 12 pounds and fold into a backpack that measured just under 2 feet in length. Naturally, that means that… »7/08/08 2:40pm7/08/08 2:40pm

Matroshka Living Concept: 43 Square Feet of Furniture is All You Need

During my last move I took great pleasure in purging my home of items that were doing nothing but taking up space. There is something very liberating about a style that is minimalist and compact—which is why this Matroshka living concept is so interesting. Taking a page from the Casuo apartment in a box, the Matroshka… »3/10/08 6:00pm3/10/08 6:00pm

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS80 Wins "Best 8MP Camera This Weekend" Award

Our Panasonic pals just dropped a new compact digital camera into their Lumix range. The new device, bearing the DMC-LS80 moniker, will boast an 8.32MP CCD sensor, 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, 2.5-inch intelligent LCD, MEGA O.I.S image stabilization, ISO 1600 (maximum at full resolution), 30fps 4:3 (640x480) and… »1/20/08 5:05pm1/20/08 5:05pm

Minox DC-1022: Compact 10-Megapixel Camera with VFM and Carry Strap

Details of Minox's DC-1022, the successor to its rather fabulous 8122, have been released. The compact 10-megapixel camera lets you choose aperture and shutter speed for yourself, and there are a range of different modes, from sports and animal photography through fireworks and nighttime. There's also a failsafe… »4/20/07 7:52am4/20/07 7:52am