Shoot Videos in Full-HD on the Fujifilm Z900 EXR For $280

Pine away all you want for the X100, but at that price, and with delays caused by the Japanese disaster of last month, it's not entering your pocket anytime soon. The Fujifilm Z900 EXR is several steps down the ladder back towards the compact camera level, but still manages to fit in a 16MP sensor and 5x wide-angle… »4/05/11 11:10am4/05/11 11:10am


Ricoh Updates Its Compact Camera Series With the R8 and R50

On the left is Ricoh's new R8 compact camera, a successor to last year's R7, packing a 7x optical zoom along with a 10 megapixel sensor with CCD-shift image stabilization. It also has a 1:1 square image capture mode, for that medium-format feel, a 2.7-inch LCD, and captures images up to ISO 1600. Also new is the R50,… »2/19/08 4:05am2/19/08 4:05am