Fujifilm x100t: The Retro Compact Gets Some Subtle Improvements

How do you upgrade a camera that everyone already loves when you don't really have much new technology to stuff inside? With Fujifilm's x100t, the latest iteration of the classic-styled fixed-lens shooter, the answer is to buff out some minor flaws, add maybe a feature or two, and of course, a whole new letter: "t." »9/10/14 1:02am9/10/14 1:02am

Panasonic Lumix LX7 Review: A Lovely Point-and-Shoot For Control Freaks

Anyone in the market for a top point-and-shoot camera is probably deciding between Canon's S100 and Sony's RX100. But Panasonic is back in the game with the Lumix LX7, a sequel to one of the top shooters of 2010, the wildly popular LX5. Does Panasonic's latest have what it takes to beat these pocket titans? »10/10/12 4:55pm10/10/12 4:55pm

The iPhone 4 is Killing Compact Cameras When it Comes to Photo Uploads

The iPhone 4 has steadily been pushing its way up the most-uploaded list at Flickr for some time now, but as TechCrunch notes, it's almost toppled the Nikon D40 off the pedestal. They estimate it'll be around a month when Apple receives the Flickr crown, and we can safely say that iPhone 4 owners upload the most… »4/18/11 5:00am4/18/11 5:00am

Shoot Videos in Full-HD on the Fujifilm Z900 EXR For $280

Pine away all you want for the X100, but at that price, and with delays caused by the Japanese disaster of last month, it's not entering your pocket anytime soon. The Fujifilm Z900 EXR is several steps down the ladder back towards the compact camera level, but still manages to fit in a 16MP sensor and 5x wide-angle… »4/05/11 11:10am4/05/11 11:10am

Olympus' TOUGH TG-810 Camera Feels the Brute Force of 100kg Blows

Could you withstand a force of 100kg? Olympus is claiming its TOUGH TG-810 camera can. Naturally, I'd like to see video evidence of that (wouldn't we all?), but all we have for now is Olympus' word. What we can probably take them on is the three-sensor GPS, electronic compass and inbuilt manometer (ladies, that's not… »3/02/11 6:30am3/02/11 6:30am