It's About Time a Compact Flash Card Had Built-In RAID

Perfect for DSLR photographers who have to shoot for a while before they're able to back their shots up to a PC, a Japanese company called Amulet has developed a 64GB compact flash card that can function as a RAID. So it essentially gives you 32GB of storage, and the peace of mind that your shots are—in a manner of… » 6/03/13 8:51am 6/03/13 8:51am

Giz Explains: An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Memory Card You Need

High on the list of gadget annoyances that make me want to scab my eyes out with a spork—just below cables » 10/01/08 2:00pm 10/01/08 2:00pm and —is the unfettered proliferation of memory cards. Even though they all fundamentally do the same thing—store data for handheld devices—they come in a million different sizes and shapes from almost as many…

Pretec's Stumps Up 64GB Compact Flash Card, and 100GB: World's Largest

100GB CF cards.... holy moly that's huge. Pretec's saying it's the world's largest capacity CF, and I'm not going to argue. It's a 233x speed card, capable of access rates at 35MB/s and it, along with its smaller 64GB sibling, is being shown at Photokina this week. Not satisfied with that though, Pretec's also… » 9/23/08 3:58am 9/23/08 3:58am

Microdia to Release ("FIRST!") 64GB CompactFlash Card

While several companies are working on a 64GB CompactFlash card, Microdia will be the first to actually bring the technology to store shelves (in Australia) this month. Dubbed the Microdia 64GB XTRA ELITE CF, the card features super fast 45MB/second read and write speeds and promises to hold somewhere around 19,000… » 6/06/08 8:45am 6/06/08 8:45am

Century DIY SSD Now Goes Up to 2TB (in Theory)

While both Intel and Samsung are promising big drops in SSD prices by the year's end for now they still cost plenty. Unless you want to take the DIY route, and use this nifty gizmo from Century which uses compact flash cards for storage. The new version now accepts CF 3x cards and can create drives between 2GB and a… » 4/23/08 6:09am 4/23/08 6:09am

Delkin ImageRouters Can Dump 8 CF Cards At Once

Delkin's ImageRouter is for photogs who are in need of some serious dumpage, and fast. The basic unit lets you unload four Compact Flash cards simultaneously. The thing takes up about as much room as the Xbox 360's power brick, though fortunately it doesn't weigh a metric ton. If you want to get stupid ridiculous, you… » 2/01/08 10:30am 2/01/08 10:30am

M-Audio's MicroTrack II Digital Audio Recorder: Rock Star Quality at a…

The new MicroTrack II from M-Audio gives musicians everything they need to record music on the go. The handheld device features 2-channel WAV (BWF) and MP3 recording and playback and can copy files directly to CompactFlash cards or microdrives. There are also two 1/4-inch TRS inputs for your gear, 48V phantom-powered… » 11/29/07 6:40pm 11/29/07 6:40pm