A Garbage-Crushing Trash Can You Control With Your Bare Hands

Who likes taking out the trash? Nobody, that's who. We'll do anything we can to avoid trips to the curb, or the garbage chute, including letting it pile up for weeks on end. But a giant mountain of stinking trash in your kitchen isn't the only solution. This stainless steel trash can includes a manual compressor » 6/26/13 11:09am 6/26/13 11:09am

Keep Your Hands Clean and Your Garbage Crunched With the Smash Can

Your trash can, overflowing with filth—it doesn't have to be that way! You can fit more. The wonderfully designed Smash Can makes it easy, featuring a telescoping lid that lets you compress your junk with clean hands. » 10/25/10 3:20pm 10/25/10 3:20pm

Trash Compactor Bookends Will Hopefully Crush Your Prequel DVDs

Oh the genius! Just when I thought George Lucas' merchandise machinery couldn't surprise me anymore, it didn't surprise me again. But at least these 6 x 12 x 7.5-inch hand painted Trash Compactor Bookends made me smile: » 6/19/09 12:20pm 6/19/09 12:20pm