Science, Not Magic, Guarantees You'll Never Get Lost Wearing This Pendant

In what could be the most stylish camping accessory ever created, Meister designed this gold and titanium pendant that transforms into a functioning compass. So whether you're deep in the woods, or strutting down a runway, you'll theoretically never get lost with some basic survival skills. That, and just over $3,000 »3/19/13 2:40pm3/19/13 2:40pm

Strap This Vibrating Compass To Your Ankle and Always Know True North

As you battle your way into the great outdoors on a hike or camping excursion, you need both hands free for pushing away branches, or fighting off wildlife—not handling a compass. So to guarantee you're still headed in the right direction, this vibrating compass will always keep you aware of true north, without… »2/27/13 8:44am2/27/13 8:44am

This is the World's First Electronic Feng Shui Compass

I have no idea what a Feng Shui compass »11/11/08 11:30pm11/11/08 11:30pm is supposed to do (even after reading that explanation), but I do know that this is the world's first Feng Shui compass—and that's automatically awesome. Did the crazy people who invented Feng Shui 4,000 years ago imagine that their imaginary system of furniture placement and…

Casio G'zOne Boulder Mil-Spec Cellphone Crammed with GPS, Compass, Lantern and More

Casio's G'zOne rugged-ass cellphone has been updated yet again, and this time it's called the Boulder. The Mil-Spec clamshell's got GPS, a 1.3MP camera, an LED lantern, microSD support and a digital compass in its shock-, dust- and water-resistant frame. The Boulder is out now in black or orange for $130 after 2-year… »7/28/08 6:00pm7/28/08 6:00pm

Yamaha Develops 2mm Compass Chip for Portable Devices

Yamaha has developed a compass that's just 2mm across, small enough to fit into even the smallest mobile device. It's designed to work in concert with a GPS system, giving users a choice of keeping the map oriented north or pointed in the direction they're heading. It measures 2mm square and is just 1mm thick. To give… »8/08/06 3:03pm8/08/06 3:03pm