The Hilarious Real Life Version of YouTube's Complaints Department

A follow up to last year's very funny YouTube Complaints Department, this year's version is just as funny and just as timely with digs about Felix Baumgartner, your favorite YouTube videos and how YouTube only fixed that views bug to show 301+ and not just 301. Heh. Like last year's, the video is made by Barely… »8/03/13 1:00am8/03/13 1:00am


Apple's SoHo Store Attracts "Worst Neighbor Ever" Complaints From Residents

Curbed's got a complaint report from the residents and visitors near the SoHo Apple store in NY, all of whom are really angry at what the store's been doing lately in terms of bugging its neighbors. The latest offense-the anvil thrown off a ten story office building onto an already arthritic camel-was the Jonas… »8/18/08 9:05pm8/18/08 9:05pm