The Hilarious Real Life Version of YouTube's Complaints Department

A follow up to last year's very funny YouTube Complaints Department, this year's version is just as funny and just as timely with digs about Felix Baumgartner, your favorite YouTube videos and how YouTube only fixed that views bug to show 301+ and not just 301. Heh. Like last year's, the video is made by Barely… » 8/03/13 1:00am 8/03/13 1:00am

Watch This: YouTube Complaints Department IRL

Sketch comest and song parody group Barely Political made this IRL video version of the YouTube Complaints Department. It's appropriately annoying, given the topic, and also pretty funny. SNL's off season, so this'll have to do. [LaughingSquid] » 6/30/12 5:00pm 6/30/12 5:00pm

The Easiest, Most Trigger-Happy Way to Complain About Your Lousy Meal

Leaving a nasty Yelp review seems practically pointless, now that there's an SMS service connecting cranky customers directly to a restaurant's owner/s and management staff. » 6/01/12 9:40pm 6/01/12 9:40pm

The Unhappy RIM Employee Emails Keep on Coming

RIM is dying, sure. But what's a demise without a few good death throes? On the heels of yesterday's scathing anonymous teardown of the BlackBerry maker—and RIM's counterpoint—comes a new wave of malcontented employees. BGR's got more grumblings from the BlackBerry's underbelly. [BGR] » 7/01/11 12:29pm 7/01/11 12:29pm

Hotmail Account Holders Ring in the New Year with Missing Emails

Microsoft Hotmail users have a lot to complain about as the new year kicks off in earnest: Many are reporting today that their emails have gone missing as a result of a new bug plaguing that popular email system. » 1/02/11 1:00pm 1/02/11 1:00pm

Woman's Horror at Google Street View Photo of Child's Bottom

Poor old Claire Rowlands felt "angry, disgusted and upset" after stumbling across a photo of her three-year-old kid Louis on Google's Street View tool—thanks to her child's bottom being served up to (possibly depraved) people on the internet. » 6/30/10 5:40am 6/30/10 5:40am

Dell Settles $4 Million In Complaints For Shady Service Plans and…

NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that a $4 million settlement has been reached with Dell over shady service plans and financing deals. New Yorkers that have bought a Dell since 2004 may be entitled to compensation. » 9/15/09 6:40pm 9/15/09 6:40pm

Xbox 360 HDMI Sound Issue Remains Unexplained, Unaddressed

I'd love to tell you that the New Xbox Experience HDMI-related sound issue from November has been addressed, but that'd be a lie. More than two months and 23 pages of complaints later, it persists. » 2/01/09 2:00pm 2/01/09 2:00pm

Apple's SoHo Store Attracts "Worst Neighbor Ever" Complaints From…

Curbed's got a complaint report from the residents and visitors near the SoHo Apple store in NY, all of whom are really angry at what the store's been doing lately in terms of bugging its neighbors. The latest offense-the anvil thrown off a ten story office building onto an already arthritic camel-was the Jonas… » 8/18/08 9:05pm 8/18/08 9:05pm

Surprise! Psystar Tech Support Gets Off To a Shaky Start

One of our seven reasons for not buying a Psystar computer right now was their untested tech support. Well, one of our readers tested it, and turns out they should have studied a little more. » 5/02/08 1:50pm 5/02/08 1:50pm