TV Out on iPhone Coming Soon via Software Update?

The Apple Store page for the component AV cables—which up until now only supported the iPod classic—lists both the iPod touch and the iPhone as supported devices. What's up with that? The iPhone doesn't support TV out. Well, seeing as the iPod touch is also there, and since the touch and the iPhone are almost exactly… » 9/06/07 3:15pm 9/06/07 3:15pm

Rumor: PS3 Warranty Voided Because User Didn't Use Sony Licensed Cables?

This may or may not be true—since it's taken from a forum post—but AVS Forum user seems to have discovered a bit of a caveat in Sony's PlayStation 3 warranty. When ragedogg69's PS3 broke, he discovered that it was no longer under warranty because he was using a generic set of component cables instead of Sony's… » 1/17/07 3:13pm 1/17/07 3:13pm