AirPod is Like a Smart Car Full of Hot Air, and That's the Idea

This post is almost half a Retromodo, in that compressed air cars have been peddled by companies like MDI for the last 20 years. But this »10/12/08 3:30pm10/12/08 3:30pm compressed air-powered pod, the AirPod, is all new. The three-seater is powered by MDI's proprietary compressed air system, which uses electricity to force the air to power the…

UR-202 Wristwatch Features Winding System Regulated By Compressed Air

The UR-103 watches from Urwerk were interesting, but their new 202 Hammerhead Automatic goes a few steps further with a unique winding system regulated by compressed air. Instead of a traditional rotating vane, the 202 uses miniature twin turbines to control the rate of automatic winding. Plus, the level of air… »4/14/08 9:20pm4/14/08 9:20pm

Compressed Air Knife Patent Cranks Up the Killing Power

You would think that knife blade technology had reached its pinnacle a long time ago, but there are still inventors out there bound and determined to re-invent the wheel. Imagine if Crocodile Dundee whipped out a knife that was not only huge, but could also blast compressed air into an open wound—causing massive organ… »3/12/08 5:10pm3/12/08 5:10pm