Don't Call It Sony: This Is VAIO's New Prototype Tablet PC

Remember when Sony decided to sell off its entire PC business in one fell swoop? It looks like that wasn't the end of the company's iconic VAIO designs. Today at Adobe's MAX design conference, the new VAIO Corporation showed off a brand new tablet computer aimed directly at pros. It's a beefy machine with a 12.3-inch… »10/06/14 8:17pm10/06/14 8:17pm

Iron Man Exosuit Will Look for 2000-Year-Old Computer Underwater

Remember that nutso Exosuit—basically a wearable submarine—we showed you back in February? The Exosuit is about to embark on its first real mission: the hunt for one of the world's oldest computers in the Aegean Sea. It's a quest that has paralyzed and, in one case, even killed divers in the past, but the Exosuit will… »6/04/14 4:20pm6/04/14 4:20pm

Ctrl Shift: If Computers Were Alive They'd Just Want to Bone You (NSFW)

Thank God computers are satisfied with the one-way relationship we have with them. We put them to work every single day, asking them to check our e-mail, using them to follow the news, play with them by going on Facebook and making them creep to the darker corners of the Internet. What do they get for all that? Just… »7/12/13 1:00am7/12/13 1:00am

What's The Biggest Repair Your Computer Has Ever Needed?

The other day I went to the Apple Store to pick up my computer and I felt like a celebrity. The person assigned to help me ran over and asked enthusiastically if I was Lily Newman. I nodded and immediately assumed that he recognized my name from Gizmodo and was about to tell me how quippy and brilliant I am. Because… »6/30/13 2:00pm6/30/13 2:00pm

Google's Artificial Brain Loves to Watch Cat Videos

Hidden away within Google's X laboratory, where all kinds of secret projects are underway, its engineers have been working on creating an artificial brain. With 16,000 computer processors and freedom to learn whatever it chooses from the internet, though, it turns out that the brain does just what you do online: watch… »6/26/12 3:43am6/26/12 3:43am