How a Despicable Computer Consultant Terrorized More than 100 People…

It's one thing to have some sort of "noble purpose" when you grab nudie pics from a person's computer. Extorting people for them and making money off their identities is quite another. That's what 32-year-old Luis Mijangos did, and it's completely vile. » 9/03/11 4:00pm 9/03/11 4:00pm

Area Man Parks Car On House Roof, Tells Police "GPS Made Me Do It"

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma (Agencies). Chickasha resident James McFarlan, a 45-year-old computer analyst and part-time fabric designer, drove this morning into Annie Svenson's home roof after what he referred to as an incident with his car GPS. "I told him [Sheriff Furillo] that my GPS made me do it. I was just driving when… » 1/04/08 5:40pm 1/04/08 5:40pm