Do You Want Real-Life News Injected Into Your Computer Games?

Seen it in the news? Now play it: a mobile-game programming system allows 3D depictions of news events to be introduced into the action. It's been developed by, a British start-up that says the technology could make gameplay more current and provide new ways for designers and coders to make cash - perhaps… »2/20/13 5:22am2/20/13 5:22am

Bugstepper for Kids Heralds Computer Games that Gauge Boredom

This is Bugstepper, a kids' electronic game that Danish scientists are hoping is the first step in developing computer games that can detect a player's boredom and up the ante accordingly. Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense tried out the active electronic game on 56 eight- to ten-year-olds to… »9/24/07 7:16am9/24/07 7:16am