Chinese-Themed Microsoft Arc Mice Can Get Lost In Your Pottery Collection

During my visit to Hong Kong, Brian showed me to a local design store called G.O.D. (Goods Of Desire), which kind of reminded me of a China kitsch-themed Urban Outfitters. When I get a chance to go back there, I'm definitely saving up some money for these laser mice, a Microsoft Arc and G.O.D. mashup. Man, could you… » 12/02/08 12:30am 12/02/08 12:30am

Mouse Uses "Alien Technology" to Relieve Stress and RSI

Whenever a gadget is focused on ergonomics, buckle up for some seriously weird looking design. A prime example of this phenomenon can be seen in this "Alien Mouse" concept from designer Mizanur Rehman. The idea was to create a mouse that would strictly adhere to the principles of ergonomics and provide maximum comfort… » 7/24/08 5:20pm 7/24/08 5:20pm

Computer Mouse R.I.P. In Five Years, Experts Say

Is the end of the venerable computer mouse at hand? Analyst firm Gartner seems to think so, and says its case is bolstered by the meteoric rise of technologies found in, and made popular by, Nintendo's Wii controller and the Apple iPhone. Piling on is the slowly maturing field of facial recognition technology, which… » 7/20/08 9:30pm 7/20/08 9:30pm