Here's an Illustrated Guide to the World's Worst Computer Viruses

To the average layperson (read: me), computer viruses are strings of text that crawl through your computer like so many worms after you open that email from your friend's grandma. They're intangible. Which is why seeing how 24 top designers illustrated the most famous viruses is so much fun. » 7/17/14 1:00pm 7/17/14 1:00pm

What Computer Problems Would Look Like If They Were Literally Real

Can't open folders. Logged out. Firewalls. Windows crashed. Reboot. What do those sayings even mean? This video shows you what the world would look like if those computer problems were taken, like, literally. It's hilarious. [Awkward Spaceship via The Awesomer] » 9/29/11 12:40pm 9/29/11 12:40pm

This Virus Mistakenly Allowed 30,000 Ugly People Onto a Pretty People…

It was the dating website that kicked off 5,000 people for "letting themselves go," and now's booted a further 30,000 members, claiming a computer virus attacked last month, which let members bypass the beauty-screening and gain entry. » 6/20/11 8:40am 6/20/11 8:40am

The Human Scientist Infected With a Computer Virus

Click to viewThis is Dr. Mark Gasson. He's a human being who's managed to contract a nasty computer virus. Don't feel too bad for him, though: he did it to himself. » 5/26/10 2:20pm 5/26/10 2:20pm

Russian Botnet Steals From Another, Replaces Virus With Its Own…

Nevermind the war against viruses—they'll kill each other before we even update AVG. A Russian Trojan horse program, known as Spy Eye, has stolen data from its competitor Zeus, and replaced PC infections with its own botnet-badness. » 2/11/10 3:40pm 2/11/10 3:40pm