What's Better? A $1,200 Motorcycle Helmet or Cheap Earbuds?

The Schuberth C3 Pro is the best motorcycle helmet you can buy. Sure, there are caveats. I haven't worn that many helmets. There's really no such thing as a "best" helmet, considering individual needs and applications—an open-faced off-road helmet isn't going to be great on the track—but for the average rider looking… »10/09/13 10:00am10/09/13 10:00am


Mobile Browser Battlemodo: Which Phones Deliver The Real Web

Before 2007, using the internet on your phone would make you want to kill yourself, if you were dumb enough to believe the crap splattered across that tiny screen even was the "internet." But the combination of increased bandwidth and better mobile software means that more phones really are promising to deliver the … »11/19/08 11:00am11/19/08 11:00am

VMware Pushing Virtual Machines for Smartphones, Will Support Parallel OSes

VMware, which consumers know mostly for their Fusion »11/11/08 7:56am11/11/08 7:56am desktop virtualization software, is moving into the mobile space, albeit surreptitiously. The company has announced VMware MVP, a thin layer of software that will interface between handsets' hardware and operating system, allowing for a standardized development…

CNN Fortune: Blackberry Storm as Low as $99 on Verizon?

Fortune's Techland blog is reporting that with Vodafone's recent announcement that they would fully subsidize the Blackberry Storm, Verizon might be considering similar low cost options to compete against the iPhone. While some inside sources claimed Verizon may go as far as to make the phone free with a two-year… »10/31/08 6:59pm10/31/08 6:59pm