No One Uses Android Tablets (Or No One Has Android Tablets to Use)

There's something like 8,142* different Android Tablets on sale right now yet it seems like no one is really using them. I mean, I've yet to see one in public! But that's an inexact method of testing. More exact? How the iPad usage obliterates Android tablets in web traffic. According to Comscore, iPads made up for… » 10/11/11 9:48am 10/11/11 9:48am

There Are Still More iOS Users Than Android Users

It's not about iPhone vs. Android really, it's iOS vs Android across a whole range of devices. According to tracking company comScore, Apple's platform is dominating. By its count, there are 37.9 million iOS users (including iPod Touch and iPad) and 23.8 million Android users. Some quick subtraction tallies up 14.1… » 4/19/11 11:20pm 4/19/11 11:20pm