Conan Shows Us What It's Like to Update the iPhone to iOS 7

So if you didn't hear, iOS 7 came out earlier today. But of course you heard. For a while, it seemed like everybody with an iPhone was focused on one thing: updating their phone and staring at a progress bar that inched ever so slowly (if it didn't give you an error, that is) towards iOS 7 Valhalla. It didn't matter… » 9/18/13 11:30pm 9/18/13 11:30pm

Conan Knows What You're Really Using That iPad For

Apple's new iPad commercial that aired during the Oscars would have you believe that there's a lot of film-making going on with that device, and maybe there is. But there's a lot more watching, and Conan's gotten to the bottom of exactly what's being watched. There's no denying it: an iPad is a great for all your… » 2/28/13 12:00pm 2/28/13 12:00pm