Conan Discovers Even More Nazi-Looking JC Penny Products

It turns out that Michael Graves-designed teapot with its unsettling resemblance to Hitler might not have been the only Nazi-related product in J.C. Penney stores. As Conan O'Brien discovered on his show the other night, the teapot is apparently just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the department store… » 6/06/13 3:01pm 6/06/13 3:01pm

Conan Reveals 2012's Least Viral Videos

Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe parodies might have been some of the most shared videos during 2012, but Conan O'Brien decided to dig into the deepest bowels of YouTube and unearth the least viral videos of the past year. If you're a fan of topless old men sleeping and cable access shoe shine shows, you're in for a… » 1/01/13 4:00pm 1/01/13 4:00pm

What If Wes Anderson Directed the Next Star Wars Movie?

According to Conan O'Brien, Wes Anderson is the latest director to throw his hat into the ever-growing ring of potential future Star Wars directors. Check out his audition tape which is somehow even more Wes Anderson than Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums combined. [YouTube via Coudal] » 11/09/12 12:58pm 11/09/12 12:58pm

Conan Reveals the Other Additions To the iPad Lineup

If you thought the new iPad Mini was Apple's last word on its iPad lineup, think again. Conan O'Brien's amazing team of researchers have once again managed to unearth a secret Apple commercial that reveals several other iterations of the iPad. If the iPad Mini doesn't excite you, maybe the iPad Mini Mega Micro Max… » 10/30/12 11:34am 10/30/12 11:34am

Apple's Next Revolution: Prison Shanks

Earlier this week there was a giant 2,000-person brawl at a Foxconn factory where they make iPhones. While labor organizations might try to protect workers from Apple, how Apple is protecting them from each other? Enter the iShiv. » 9/26/12 3:02pm 9/26/12 3:02pm

This Is How You Kill Time Waiting for Your iPhone 5

Did you preorder an iPhone 5? Waiting can be agonizing. You just want that pretty, shiny LTE smartphone in your hands NOW. To help you out in the patience department, Conan O'Brien has put together a tongue-in-cheek primer on how to pass the time. And the solutions sound strangely similar to symptoms of deep… » 9/20/12 10:00am 9/20/12 10:00am

Conan Takes Super Slo-Mo to Absurd New Heights

You know how the Olympics has all of this amazing, mind-boggling slow motion footage? Incredible, right? Conan O'Brien thought so, too. So he borrowed one of those cams to see if slo-mo can do for comedy what it's already done for sports. » 8/01/12 1:00pm 8/01/12 1:00pm

Watch Conan and David Letterman Making Fun of Jay Leno

You know how much we hated when that talentless treacherous tardclown known as Jay Leno betrayed Conan O'Brien and stole The Tonight Show from him, the same way he betrayed David Letterman. That's why we are featuring this clip of Conan and David Letter making fun of Leno, in tonight's Late Night show. Enjoy! » 5/17/12 10:49pm 5/17/12 10:49pm

Conan Knows How We're Really Using Siri

She's only been on the job for a little over a week, but already Siri has to be the most overworked, underappreciated, and abused personal assistant on the planet. » 10/25/11 10:20am 10/25/11 10:20am

Conan Worries Batman's Best Days Might Be Behind Him

In the comic book world Batman has been saving the citizens of Gotham City for over seventy years now. But Conan O'Brien worries that in his latest video game outing, Batman: Arkham City, the caped crusader might be showing his age. » 10/22/11 10:00am 10/22/11 10:00am

Help Giz Score Conan's Studio For a Wedding

Conan O'Brien is renting out his TV studio on Airbnb for $1 a night, but he's making prospects explain why they should get it. I already have a favorite entry. Want to help me help her score Conan's pad? » 9/06/11 7:00pm 9/06/11 7:00pm

Masquerade for iPhone: It's Like Making a Conan O'Brien Skit on Your…

You know when Conan puts a picture of a celebrity and replaces his or her lips to say something outrageously funny? Masquerade for iPhone does the same exact thing. It's silly, juvenile fun. » 7/14/11 6:00pm 7/14/11 6:00pm

Conan Wonders What Happened to MySpace

Click to view The answer, is that it turned into a desperate, crime-addled whore! This is probably the most reasonable explanation, because it sure isn't a relevant webite of any kind anymore. I forget when I even forgot about MySpace. [via Laughing Squid] » 5/13/11 8:51am 5/13/11 8:51am

Conan Unveils the Next Big Apple... Something

That MacBook Air was pretty fancy. And the iPad? No slouch either. But Apple's not the type of company to just sit on its heels, no matter how much money they're stuffing in their coffers. And as Conan O'Brien shows us in this parody ad, Cupertino's already introducing the next big thing... even if they're not exactly… » 4/21/11 8:40am 4/21/11 8:40am

Conan Parodies the iPad 2

You can always expect a few good parody videos after an Apple keynote, and Conan didn't disappoint with his iPad 2 video. Also: "Dream-Telligence" team! *chortle* [Conan] » 3/04/11 3:40am 3/04/11 3:40am

Full Conan Episodes To Be Available Online A Day After Airing

Good news for fans of Conan O'Brien's new show: TBS will be making full episodes of Conan available online the day after they air. » 11/10/10 1:16am 11/10/10 1:16am

Conan O'Brien Is Webcasting for 24 Straight Hours, Starting Today

We would normally roll our eyes at the thought of someone willing to broadcast themselves online for a day straight—unless that someone is Conan O'Brien. Starting at 1 pm EST, the CoCo Cam will go live on YouTube. » 10/20/10 11:00am 10/20/10 11:00am

Watch Conan O'Brien Drive A Car Filled With High-Grade Explosives Off A…

This video contains high-grade explosives, illegal fireworks, gallons of gasoline, pounds of unpopped popcorn, a chamber orchestra, and a knocked out stunt double. I'd say Conan O'Brien has successfully proven he's a complete badass while promoting his new show. » 10/13/10 10:03pm 10/13/10 10:03pm