The awesome spaceship and vehicle concepts of Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson is one of my favorite concept designers of all time, a true master (both figuratively and literally). Anyone who loves science fiction and space and cars and mechs and any kind of awesome vehicle should own at least Blast and Drive. Here's a tiny sample of his extraordinary work. » 3/20/14 3:37pm 3/20/14 3:37pm

This Six-Wheeled Stroller Can Roll Up and Down Stairs

Navigating a city with a child in a stroller is hard enough, but imagine doing the same with a set of twins. Those double strollers are like driving a miniature bus, and you'll always be on the hunt for ramps, elevators, or a long way around a set of stairs. It's a problem that designer Jade Olsson may have just… » 1/10/14 7:00pm 1/10/14 7:00pm

Toshiba Crammed 5 Computers in Its Shape-Shifting Concept 5-in-1 PC

It's a concept but it's a super fun one. Toshiba's shape-shifting concept 5-in-1 PC somehow manages to be a laptop, a tablet, a convertible tablet, a canvas, and a presentation TV-type device. A few of those five might be redundant (and/or useless), but it's pretty freaking sweet to see one computer try to be… » 1/07/14 5:23pm 1/07/14 5:23pm

Let's Hope Apple's iOS 7 Music App Is Half as Clever as This Concept

If there's anything the internet has waxed poetic about wanting—nay—needing to see on the upcoming iOS 7 release, it's a general flat design overhaul. But while that's a completely valid demand, we've yet to hear too much about how Apple might address specific features in need of major functionality tuneups—until now, … » 6/03/13 5:13pm 6/03/13 5:13pm

Apple's Next iPhone Home Page Will Probably Look Like This

Get used to this. Come October, it could be Apple's home page for the entire winter. Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek has rendered new images of the new iPhone 2012—or iPhone 5, or, most probably just iPhone—to make it look like bona fide Apple eye candy. » 6/22/12 10:00am 6/22/12 10:00am

The New iPhone 2012 In White Could Look Amazing Too

If the new iPhone 2012 looks beautiful in black—in all its 80s Sony-ish glory—the renderings of the white model are even prettier. The aluminum and chrome unibody with the white accents looks just gorgeous. » 6/16/12 11:01am 6/16/12 11:01am

The chrome accents and the speaker and microphone grill look simply pimptastic, even more retro than the…

The New iPhone 2012 Could Look Quite Beautiful

I was skeptical about the rumored next generation iPhone's design. The two-tone unibody enclosure shown in crappy videos didn't say anything to me. Then I saw these renderings, using the allegedly leaked parts as reference. » 6/13/12 3:55pm 6/13/12 3:55pm

While the current iPhone 4 and 4S gets me back to the 70s——the new iPhone 2012 reminds me of…