Land Rover LRX Concept Heavily Embeds iPhone, Uses It To Start Car

We normally don't get super excited about concept cars, but this Land Rover LRX Concept has something we're quite interested in: iPhone integration. Not only does it have a slot carved out especially for the phone that allows it to dock into the car like some sort of brushed-metal lover, it's even got a gigantic… » 12/14/07 1:24pm 12/14/07 1:24pm

Toyota Teases With Upcoming Hybrid Concept

Toyota, you're such a tease. Unveiling the second of two of your latest hybrid vehicle prototypes at the Geneva Motor Show this month, and all you're showing us is this quarter shot of its ass end. So far, this Prius successor is called the Hybrid X, and it's said to have ideas that are so new they'll require a "new… » 2/14/07 1:33pm 2/14/07 1:33pm