Sources: WIRED Will Announce a New Editor-in-Chief Tomorrow

According to sources close to Condé Nast, WIRED will announce its new editor-in-chief tomorrow. The nearly 20-year-old tech magazine, which was run by Chris Andersen for the past 10 years, will have a new boss very, very soon. » 11/15/12 7:50pm 11/15/12 7:50pm

Major Publishing Consortium Ready to Launch "Hulu for Magazines"

It's been two years since Next Issue Media was first announced but the subscription-swapping, all-you-can-read digital news-stand is set to launch tomorrow. » 4/03/12 11:00pm 4/03/12 11:00pm

HP Wants You to Print Magazines with Your Home Printer So You Can Waste…

Two wrongs don't make a right. I think I learned that as a 4-year-old. Apparently, HP and Condé Nast skipped out on that life lesson because they're combining two dying things—print media and printers—to create the unholiest of unions: your HP printer at home will print out Condé Nast magazines for you to read. » 10/12/11 10:45am 10/12/11 10:45am

The Amazon Tablet Will Be Filled With Magazines, So Many Magazines,…

Magazine publishers tripped over themselves to get on the iPad, because they thought they could sell you pretty things like this to revive their depressed print business, but then Apple was kind of a dick about it, and even though Apple took it all back, magazine publishers are still totally leery about being… » 9/26/11 3:41pm 9/26/11 3:41pm

Self Magazine Will Nag You Via Text Until You Lose Weight

Self Magazine has a solution for you chronic dieters. All you have to do is sign up for their SMS plan, and they'll send you tips and gentle encouragement 5 times a day to keep you fit. Great idea. Until it starts stressing you out. » 8/15/11 8:40pm 8/15/11 8:40pm

Wired and GQ iPad Subscriptions Are Available Today, Will Cost You 20…

Like we expected, Wired's iPad subscription is 20 bucks a year (or 2 bucks an issue). The subscriptions are available today. If you already subscribe to Wired, you get access to the iPad version for free. [iTunes] » 5/24/11 11:54am 5/24/11 11:54am

iPad Logs Four More Digital Mag Subscriptions Including Glamour and …

Conde Nast today continues the rollout of iPad magazine subscriptions that started with the New Yorker, adding Glamour, Vanity Fair, Golf Digest, and Allure to its digital roster. Each iSubscription will cost $20/year, or $2 for a single issue. If you're a current print subscriber, congrats! You get free iPad access… » 5/16/11 1:18pm 5/16/11 1:18pm

New Yorker iPad Subscription Costs $1.50 an Issue

Conde Nast's iPad subscription model for New Yorker has been confirmed and put on sale, with the price being much cheaper than their dead wood version. It'll cost $6 a month (or $60 a year), which equates to $1.50 an issue. Considering the previous stand-alone download of each issue would normally set you back $5,… » 5/09/11 3:20am 5/09/11 3:20am

Gourmet Live: The Delicious New Gourmet Magazine For the iPad

Gourmet was one of the more heartbreaking causalities of the Condé Nast's purge last fall. But now the beloved food mag is back as Gourmet Live, a beautiful iPad app that's filled with great foodie content, new and old. » 9/23/10 12:00pm 9/23/10 12:00pm

Is Flipboard Legal?

Social news app Flipboard was yesterday's hot new app, despite—or perhaps because of—technical problems that prevented some features from working. But there might be a bigger snag: Is Flipboard scraping content it doesn't have the rights to? » 7/22/10 7:01pm 7/22/10 7:01pm

Gourmet Magazine Returning From the Dead in iPad App Form

Beloved food magazine Gourmet was shuttered by Conde Nast last October to the sadness of food nerds everywhere. But now, it appears to be rising from the ashes iPad app. » 6/22/10 1:30pm 6/22/10 1:30pm

Condé Nast's iPad Magazines Launching This Month, But Caught Between…

Every man and his dog is aware that Condé Nast has been working on iPad magazine apps for their popular titles such as Wired and GQ, but apparently we'll see GQ's April issue available (presumably) this month. » 3/01/10 4:39am 3/01/10 4:39am

Pondering The Apple Tablet's Print Revolution

The Apple tablet could change everything. That's what people are hoping for, revolution. But revolutions don't actually happen overnight, especially if you're talking about turning around an entire diseased, lumbering industry, like publishing. » 1/26/10 2:10pm 1/26/10 2:10pm

NYT, Condé Nast Working on "Large-Screen" iPhone Apps For the Tablet

According to the Times (the LA one), the Times (the NY one) has been working on a tablet app in recent weeks. Also: Condé Nast basically admitted to the same in a press release. Familiar? Sure. But intriguing! » 1/25/10 12:23pm 1/25/10 12:23pm

The Superfriends of Publishing Have a Grand Digital Plan to Save…

That "Hulu for magazines" is happening. It's impressive in its sense of scope and desperation, with Time, Hearst and Conde Nast—bitter rivals that publish more than 50 magazines altogether—coming together to save print magazines by mummifying them digitally. » 11/24/09 1:50pm 11/24/09 1:50pm

Wired for the Apple Tablet

We still don't know what the fabled Apple Tablet actually looks like, or if it even exists, really, but this concept magazine reader from Condé Nast gives us a glimpse at what to expect from tablet apps. » 11/21/09 9:30am 11/21/09 9:30am

Conde Nast Thinks You'll Buy Mags as iPhone Apps, $3 a Piece

People bitching that B&N and Amazon charge $10 for sweet lengthy timeless novels get ready: Conde Nast wants to sell monthly ad-supported magazines, rejiggered for your iPhone, for $3 each, starting with December issue of GQ. » 10/20/09 4:08pm 10/20/09 4:08pm

Conde Nast Closes Four Magazines, Focusing on Digital Distribution

Normally the closure of two bridal magazines, a dining magazine and a mom magazine wouldn't be notable; except that this time their publisher, Conde Nast, notes that they're going to focus on digital distribution instead. » 10/05/09 8:00pm 10/05/09 8:00pm

Time's "Hulu for Magazines" Idea Is So, So Doomed

Magazines are basically fucked. They know this, and figure the only way they're going to survive is if they manage to successfully navigate the transition to digital. Time's grand plan? A "Hulu for magazines." Oh boy. » 10/02/09 12:40pm 10/02/09 12:40pm

Conde Nast Buys Ars Technica

Conde Nast and Wired bought Ars Technica for a rumored $25 million. More details are coming on Monday but I'm happy to see friends at both Wired and Ars get together in this deal. [Techcrunch, Thanks Arn] » 5/17/08 11:38pm 5/17/08 11:38pm