Facebook's Data Center Humidity "Challenge" Was Indoor Rain

In 2011 Facebook reported that their first data center in Prineville, OR had a high humidity issue. Probably not the best condition for servers, sure. But it turns out that wonky temperature controls were actually causing condensation in the data center. Like indoor rain. Like it was literally raining in the server… »6/09/13 12:00pm6/09/13 12:00pm

New Condensation Tech Captures Drinkable Water From Diesel Exhaust

We've seen plenty of concepts designed to lessen the physical burden of being a member of the military-Marines using portable renewable power stations, clothing that charges radios and GPS devices. But there's not much being done to address drinking water, one of the heaviest yet most critical battlefield necessities.… »4/19/11 11:40am4/19/11 11:40am

Kilmatec's AirWater Machine Can Extract 5 Gallons of Water From the Air in 24 Hours

According to Kilmatec, their Base 1 AirWater Machine can extract up to 20 liters (around 5 gallons) of water from the air in a 24 hour period. Unlike a common dehumidifier, it also makes that water suitable for drinking by running it through a carbon filter and ultraviolet light chamber to eliminate any pollutants or… »6/30/08 6:00pm6/30/08 6:00pm

Max Water Cranks Moisture Out of the Air, Seems Miraculous

There's a lot of water floating around in the air everywhere, and inventor Max Whisson has figured out a way to extract it using Max Water, a wind-powered contraption he named after himself. Max Water uses the concept of condensation, where lower temperature allows less water to hang around in the air, and Whisson… »7/11/07 5:30pm7/11/07 5:30pm