ASIMO to Conduct Yo-Yo Ma and Detroit Symphony Orchestra

It looks like there's no end to ASIMO's skills: the smart, cute robot will pick up the baton and conduct cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on May 13th. A robot conducting an orchestra? That's pretty amazing, we think. Honda's ASIMO and the 15-times Grammy winner musician will be performing a piece… » 4/25/08 11:00am 4/25/08 11:00am

SIRIUS Drops 4 Receivers, Home System

In a press event today—that Gizmodo was not invited to, mind you, supposedly because some PR suits at SIRIUS don't like blogs—SIRIUS announced the addition of four new receivers to their already existing line. The have added the SIRIUS Starmate4, Starmate3, Sportster3 and Stratus. All of the players will use their new… » 8/17/06 5:57pm 8/17/06 5:57pm