Configure Your Own High-End MartinLogan Speakers, Then Digitally Fondle Them

We've been pretty tough on audiophiles lately with our harping on ripoff speaker cables, but there are some areas where spending more money on audio components can actually make an audible difference. Case in point are MartinLogan electrostatic speakers, decidedly high-end at a cool $11K a pair and up. Just released… »10/03/07 3:15pm10/03/07 3:15pm


Kingston Memory Configurator - Find Your RAM Upgrade Type By Your Machine's Make and Model

Not all of us are computer geniuses, knowing exactly what speed of RAM (PC100, DDR2, etc.) to put into our machines. This online Kingston Memory Configurator makes it easy by letting you choose your manufacturer and model type, then coming back with the type and speed of memory you need. Once you have that info, you… »8/18/06 7:47pm8/18/06 7:47pm