HP's webOS Tablet Called Touchpad, May Go On Sale Today

Not to be confused with your laptop's trackpad, the very highly anticipated (an soon to be officially official) webOS tablet will be called Touchpad. That's according to PreCentral, who cleverly overheard a rehearsal in which the tablet was called by that name and identified as being 10 inches and 13mm thick—familiar… »2/09/11 12:02pm2/09/11 12:02pm

Kyocera's Dual-Screen Android Echo Phone Confirmed On Sprint's Website

Looks like the WSJ was on to something after all; Sprint's website confirms the existence of the dual-screen, Android-packing Kyocera Echo. It'll apparently pivot open to 4.7 inches of display real estate, which doesn't sound so big, does it? No more details at the moment, but hopefully David Blaine will be pulling… »2/07/11 3:36pm2/07/11 3:36pm

iPod Touch Definitely Has No Bluetooth, So Enough Already UPDATED

The iPod Touch has been dissected by the ace mechanics at iFixit. And unless they overlooked something—actually, nevermind. There's no Bluetooth in the iPod Touch. That's it. Final. iFixit didn't mention a trace of Bluetooth and that's enough for us to call this silly rumor the result of an overzealous photoshopper »9/15/07 12:37am9/15/07 12:37am

Apple and O2 to Launch iPhone in UK Mid- to Late-October

We have received confirmation from two 100% proven sources that next Tuesday's UK-only Apple event will herald the iPhone's arrival to the United Kingdom. The first European iPhone will most probably arrive in mid- to late-October, not on November 1, as some media outlets have previously reported. Our sources are the… »9/14/07 11:33am9/14/07 11:33am

TiVo Confirms TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing Will Hit Series3 and TiVo HD This November

The rumors we posted are true: TiVo is finally getting its balls back. TiVo has confirmed with Gizmodo that TiVoToGo and multi-room viewing have returned to the new Series3 boxes—including the TiVo HD—and will be available in November. We are told that the hold up was DRM—getting the rights stuff figured out with… »9/07/07 12:07pm9/07/07 12:07pm