How humans have created stories through the ages in a nine-panel strip

It doesn't matter if it comes from a book, a movie or a friend: Conflict is what triggers the majority of the stories we know and love. And the essence of that conflict has changed a lot throughout history influenced by how society evolved. Illustrator Grant Snider sums up this evolution in just one clever comic strip. » 5/23/14 10:24pm 5/23/14 10:24pm

Georgian UAV Films its Own Demise in Russian MiG Attack

Apparently the latest twist in an ongoing tussle over separatist Abkhazia, this video shows an "unarmed, umanned aerial vehicle" belonging to the Georgian Interior Ministry performing "basic reconnaissance over Georgian territory," according to the Georgians. Whether or not you believe the details in that statement,… » 4/22/08 6:54am 4/22/08 6:54am