Eleeno Cyber Digital Watch: Time-Confusion Fashion Fusion

I own a perfectly conventional analog watch, and though I confess to a penchant for these weird or confusing digital ones, up to now I'd probably not buy one. But this leaked set of images is of a watch I'd actually consider wearing: the Eleeno Cyber. With 12 discrete LCD dials to read the time from, it's almost more… » 6/24/08 5:48am 6/24/08 5:48am

Asos Disk Dial Watches: Confusing Displays, Analog-Style

These watches sit somewhere between the confusing displays of Tokyo Flash digital watches and the amazing mechanical-digital Meccanica DG. Inside they have two wheels that spin relative to a marker line: and that's where you peek to work out how many hours and minutes of the work day remain (that's the main reason for… » 6/04/08 8:15am 6/04/08 8:15am