The Congo Mines That Supply "Conflict Minerals" For the World's Gadgets

Most people who own a smartphone—or a laptop, or a new car—aren’t familiar with tantalum, the rare, blue-gray metal that conducts electricity through these devices. But thanks to skyrocketing demand from electronics makers, tantalum—along with a handful of other rare minerals—is an incredibly sought-after metal. And… »9/20/13 12:40pm9/20/13 12:40pm

The Congo's Unending War Captured in Vivid Infrared Color

Irish war photographer Richard Mosse has traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo three times in the past three years—he's made it his mission, he says, to document a war so deep-seeded and tragic that it challenges "the limits of description." To describe the indescribable, Mosse has developed a unique… »6/04/13 6:11pm6/04/13 6:11pm