CT Attorney General Investigating Apple and Amazon Over eBook Pricing

Citing "potentially anticompetitive ebook deals," Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is investigating the relationship between Apple, Amazon and publishers. Blumenthal claims Apple and Amazon have struck exclusive deals with publishers that would block smaller ebook distributors from offering better… » 8/02/10 3:59pm 8/02/10 3:59pm

Voting Machine Tutorial Uploads To iPod, So You Don't Accidentally Vote…

Connecticut's Secretary of State released a video on YouTube explaining how to use the state's new optical scan voting machines. The video is also available for download to something called an "iPOD." It is frightening to think of an electoral process where you're encouraged to watch a training video over and over.… » 8/24/07 9:45am 8/24/07 9:45am