Your Internet Connection Is Almost Certainly Slower Than Advertised

Does your internet always seem too slow? Chances are, it is: a study by the Wall Street Journal suggests that the majority of ISPs deliver slower speeds than they advertise. » 4/22/14 6:45am 4/22/14 6:45am

The Internet's Kevin Bacon Effect: Any Web Page Can Be Accessed From…

In theory, every actor and actress in the planet could be connected to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. And in theory, according to Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási, every random web page can be accessed from any other random page by clicking just 19 times or less. » 2/18/13 3:40pm 2/18/13 3:40pm

Kim Dotcom Suspected Government Snooping Because of a 150 Millisecond…

According to the New Zealand Herald, Kim Dotcom suspected he was being spied because of a 150 millisecond connection delay while playing his favorite game—Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. » 10/05/12 1:55pm 10/05/12 1:55pm

Reuters: Apple Shrinking iPhone Connector to 19-Pin Port

The idea of Apple ditching the current 30-pin iPhone connection in favor of something smaller has been floating around for some time. Now, Reuters is reporting that the next iPhone will feature a new, 19-pin connection. » 7/23/12 4:39am 7/23/12 4:39am

Which Carriers Have The Fastest 3G and 4G Connections Right Now?

If you need the fastest mobile data connection you can get, or are agonising over which carrier to plump for, here's something that might help: PC World has tested 3G and 4G connection speeds at multiple locations across 13 cities. Here are the results. » 4/18/12 4:21am 4/18/12 4:21am

Intelligent Lantern for People Who Like Son with Their Lumiere

The intelligent lantern could be termed the Swiss Army Knife of flashlights—although the purists among you will probably complain that you can't file your nails, peel an orange or get a stone out of a horse's hoof with it. As well as a super-bright beam that can be seen a mile away, the nine-inch outdoor gizmo rocks… » 12/10/07 12:34pm 12/10/07 12:34pm

Databreaker Secures Your Parents' Computers

What does this Databreaker do? Well, it plugs into your AC outlet and acts as an Ethernet intermediary between your PC and a router or modem. After a few minutes of non-usage, the Databreaker kills your connection so no traffic can go in or out of your PC. » 2/26/07 3:45pm 2/26/07 3:45pm