This 1993 AT&T Concept Video Predicted Skype's New Translator App

You can keep your flying cars and jetpacks. The real sign that we’re living in the future? Easy: real-time language translation. Skype just put its version into wide release. But effortless translation is something we’ve been waiting on for quite some time, as you can see from this 1993 clip of an AT&T concept video… »5/12/15 4:12pm5/12/15 4:12pm


Super-Speed USB 3.0 Formal Unveiling Next Week, Windows 7 Won't Support Natively

We've learned about some of its specifications »11/12/08 7:02am11/12/08 7:02am, and had a , but it looks like USB 3.0 is going to get a proper unveiling next monday with an announcement of its final protocol specifications at the first SuperSpeed USB Developer Conference. But at WinHEC last week there also emerged a rumor that Windows 7 won't…

Samsung's Nabee Connects Cameras to PCs, Cables Not Required

Samsung's Nabee system is a way of adding Wi-Fi sync-up capabilities to simpler digital cameras that lack them. It uses the Alereon AL5000 wireless USB chipset that operates at 3.1 to 10.6 GHz over a 30-foot range and has two parts: a small dongle that goes into the camera's USB socket and one that goes into the PC.… »9/26/08 11:15am9/26/08 11:15am