Bluetooth Is Getting an Intelligence Boost to Save Your Battery

Since Bluetooth was given an overhaul in 2010 with the 4.0 standard, it's surged in popularity, being used in everything from wireless speakers to smartwatches. Now, the connection is getting a shot in the arm—and it should help save your battery. » 12/05/13 7:00am 12/05/13 7:00am

iTwin Is an Invisible Cable to Connect Your Computers

Cables are terrible, but we're not quiiiite to the point where we can just snap our fingers and make everything wireless. The iTwin seems like a legitimately cool stopgap between the two. You plug its two halves into two computers, and it lets you access both machines' files from either computer. » 9/14/11 10:20pm 9/14/11 10:20pm

HP's Not Adopting Thunderbolt Anytime Soon

Apple and Canon may've thrown their weight behind Intel's Thunderbolt, but HP's playing it safe for the meantime, as they "haven't found a value proposition yet," and that "everybody seems to be content with the expansion of USB 3.0." [MacWorld] » 5/17/11 7:43am 5/17/11 7:43am

The 5-in-1 Connection Kit Plugs Cameras, SD Cards, Keyboards and TVs…

This 5-in-1 kit works with both the iPad and iPad 2, and has a USB port, SD card and microSD card slots, and unlike the previous connector kit, holes to stick a keyboard and TV cable into. Not all at once, mind. It costs $45. [USB Fever via CrunchGear] » 3/24/11 11:48am 3/24/11 11:48am

Leaked Photo Shows MacBook Pro "Thunderbolt" Light Peak Connector

Apple's Thunderbolt connector has shown up in a supposed leaked pic of the new MacBook Pro, which we could see as early as tomorrow. While it looks just like a Mini DisplayPort connector, it could actually be Intel's Light Peak behind the lightning bolt icon. » 2/23/11 7:15am 2/23/11 7:15am

Super-Speed USB 3.0 Formal Unveiling Next Week, Windows 7 Won't Support…

We've learned about some of its specifications » 11/12/08 7:02am 11/12/08 7:02am, and had a , but it looks like USB 3.0 is going to get a proper unveiling next monday with an announcement of its final protocol specifications at the first SuperSpeed USB Developer Conference. But at WinHEC last week there also emerged a rumor that Windows 7 won't…

Samsung's Nabee Connects Cameras to PCs, Cables Not Required

Samsung's Nabee system is a way of adding Wi-Fi sync-up capabilities to simpler digital cameras that lack them. It uses the Alereon AL5000 wireless USB chipset that operates at 3.1 to 10.6 GHz over a 30-foot range and has two parts: a small dongle that goes into the camera's USB socket and one that goes into the PC.… » 9/26/08 11:15am 9/26/08 11:15am