Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme Ships Today

Intel launches its Core 2 Duo processors today, 10 in all, including the 64-bit Conroe (Core 2 Duo) and Conroe XE (Core 2 Extreme) for desktops. and 32-bit Merom for laptops All are dual-core processors that will initially be available in single socket configurations, which means that at first there won't be dual… » 7/27/06 11:18am 7/27/06 11:18am

Dell Precision Workstation 390 Hands-On: Core 2 Extreme-Packing, Speed-Rocking

This morning Intel officially announced its Core 2 Duo processors, and Dell has provided Gizmodo with a blazing fast Dell Precision Workstation 390 just in time for a Day Zero hands-on review. At first glance, the machine doesn't look much different from previous Dell Precision Workstations, but inside is a completely… » 7/27/06 9:00am 7/27/06 9:00am

Dell Touts Upcoming Conroe-Packing and Overclocked XPS 700

Nothing like some friendly co-opetition between Dell subsidiaries Alienware and XPS to keep the blood boiling, and the next shot inside of Michael Dell's bucket is the upcoming XPS 700. It'll feature an overclocked and hyper-cooled Core 2 Extreme CPU (affectionately known as Conroe), and will also offer the option… » 7/13/06 11:05am 7/13/06 11:05am