Microsoft: Xbox One and Kinect Will Definitely Not Be Sold Separately

Microsoft has had an indecisive month or two recently, contemplating a series of U-turns in its attempts to compete with the forthcoming PlayStation 4. But now, it seems to have settled on a final decision about one of the most controversial flip-flops: every Xbox One WILL come with a Kinect. » 8/22/13 3:42am 8/22/13 3:42am

Game Console Makers to Include 3G Capability In Future Devices?

According to the WSJ, a Japanese wireless carrier called NTT DoCoMo is in talks with several gaming console makers to include 3G connectivity in future handheld devices. There aren't any specifics on which companies are attempting to make a deal, but apparently several videogame makers have mentioned that they're… » 7/07/10 6:29pm 7/07/10 6:29pm