The definitive way to debunk stupid conspiracy theories

People who toss around dumb conspiracy theories and rabble rouse with large gaps in their brain are impossible to be sane and sensible with. Conspiracy theories are silly and fun to joke around with but to take them serious is just insane. But insane people exist! Here's how to debunk a lot of conspiracy theories. »12/18/14 9:48pm12/18/14 9:48pm


Microsoft Prohibits "Tibet" in Hotmail Addresses, But It's Not What You Are Thinking

David Gallagher »8/08/08 7:48am8/08/08 7:48am at the New York Times had to do some rumor control when a reader wrote accusing Microsoft of prohibiting the word "Tibet" in Hotmail addresses to appease the Chinese government. No "", no "", no "" Is this Chinese-Microsoft…