Here's a US map showing the constellation of city lights and highways

It's like staring at the night sky only instead of looking up to see stars and constellations, we're looking at the bright lights of cities connected by highways. A Reddit user superimposed state boundaries and interstate routes onto a NASA photograph of the United States of America at night to show how and why things… » 4/16/14 10:05pm Wednesday 10:05pm

How NASA Solved a $100 Million Problem for Five Bucks

» 1/31/12 3:20pm 1/31/12 3:20pm

A few years ago, back when the Constellation Program was still alive, NASA engineers discovered that the Ares I rocket had a crucial flaw, one that could have jeopardized the entire project. They panicked. They plotted. They steeled themselves for the hundreds of millions of dollars it was going to take to make… » 1/31/12 3:20pm 1/31/12 3:20pm

Neil Armstrong and 26 NASA Legends Blast Obama's Space Plan

Obama's space plan is bad for the United States' future as a technological superpower. It's actually bad for the entire world. That's basically the summary of Neil Armstrong and 26 NASA legends' open letter to President Obama.—JD » 4/15/10 11:20am 4/15/10 11:20am

The Max Launch Abort System Launch Makes Me Want to Be an Astronaut…

Looks like Flash Gordon came to Virginia this Wednesday. Here you have images and video of the spectacular Max Launch Abort System in action. Sadly, the spiffy spacecraft won't be in Orion. Maybe they can send me one to test. » 7/10/09 10:00am 7/10/09 10:00am

Happy Birthday Saturn V, Still The Biggest Rocket of All

Click to view » 11/09/08 1:00pm 11/09/08 1:00pm Thousands of gallons of kerosene and liquid oxygen begin coursing through the giant center F1 rocket engine: The Saturn V's ignition sequence has begun. Next, two outer engines are lit, followed 300 milliseconds later by the other two, ignited in pairs to avoid toppling the 364-foot rocket above. Nine…

NASA Proposes High-Tech Fix for Shaking Moon Rocket: Springs

Development of NASA's Ares Moon rockets continues apace, despite criticisms from an team designing an alternative. Now NASA engineers have announced how they're going to deal with a potentially serious vibration problem in the crew-launched Ares I: springs. » 8/12/08 8:55am 8/12/08 8:55am

How the New Mission to the Moon Will Work

The NASA 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class recruitment-for the first mission to the Moon in four decades-may be over, but if you didn't send your résumé, don't worry: you can still be a space couch potato and look at the pretty images and videos, like this newly-released NASA simulation showing how the whole thing is going… » 7/03/08 11:35am 7/03/08 11:35am

Horm Voltaceleste: A Fiber-Optical Star-Spangled Cabinet For Your Stuff

I loved the glowing Full Moon sideboard from the other month, but I wasn't able to convince my wife it'd make a good addition to our home. I reckon I'd have more of a chance with Horm Voltaceleste, from designer Salvatore Indriolo as it's a touch more subtle but just as astronomical. The doors are decorated with… » 6/02/08 7:10am 6/02/08 7:10am

Russian Monkeys May Get to Mars First

Forget about the Constellation missions to Mars, because the first Earthlings set to arrive to the Red Planet may be monkeys: macaques from the Sochi Institute of Medical Primatology, who may get back as fully grown primate overlords, or just prove that humans would be able to resist the 17-month trip in weightlessness … » 4/14/08 5:30pm 4/14/08 5:30pm

Vertu Constellation Luxury Cellphone, Supposedly More Affordable

Vertu is going to launch a line of slightly more affordable "luxury" cellphones sometime this fall, giving them the name Constellation. Three different cellphones will be released under the Constellation moniker, one covered in 18 karat gold (pictured here), and the other two in polished and satin steel. Luxury, baby! » 8/25/06 1:18pm 8/25/06 1:18pm