Judge Lets NSA Continue Spying on US Citizens

A federal judge in the Northern District of California just ruled that he can't rule in a case accusing the NSA of spying on Americans. This lack of a ruling means the NSA may continue with its activities. But the really disappointing and weird part is how the judge justified his stance. » 2/10/15 7:30pm 2/10/15 7:30pm

The Feds Think Hacking Silk Road With No Warrant Was Perfectly Okay

Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Spying Is Probably Unconstitutional

A federal judge just ruled the NSA's widespread collection of phone records is most likely unconstitutional and gave the go ahead for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit. And pending appeal, the judge said that the data collection should be halted. Of course, until that appeal goes through, the NSA will continue spying. » 12/16/13 1:34pm 12/16/13 1:34pm

Your Friends Can Legally Narc on Your Facebook Profile

Bad news if you're a drug dealer or murderer or some sort of sex criminal: a judge just ruled your "friends" can show cops your Facebook profile. And then you can go to jail, GigaOm reports. Time to start deleting! » 8/16/12 9:49am 8/16/12 9:49am


US Court: Cops Can Constitutionally Seize Your Web Domain

Part of ICE's super domain snatching spree is a site called Rojadirecta.com, which streamed sports programming. The owners cried foul: there was legal content on the site, and shuttering the whole thing suppressed free speech. A US judge: nope. » 8/05/11 10:37am 8/05/11 10:37am

Icelanders Write the First Web Constitution, Trolls Surprisingly Get No…

After what I'm sure was an enormous editorial process, Iceland finally finished drafting their constitution, the first ever to be written on the internet. And I am shocked to see that there is nary a dick pic in sight. » 7/30/11 3:20pm 7/30/11 3:20pm

Committing Crimes at 2 AM? Sign Up for LawyerUp in Case You're Caught

Every American knows (or should know) they've got a right to an attorney. But when you're being arrested at 2 AM, legal counsel may prove hard to find. Not so with LawyerUp. » 6/17/11 9:42am 6/17/11 9:42am