Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Spying Is Probably Unconstitutional

A federal judge just ruled the NSA's widespread collection of phone records is most likely unconstitutional and gave the go ahead for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit. And pending appeal, the judge said that the data collection should be halted. Of course, until that appeal goes through, the NSA will continue spying. » 12/16/13 1:34pm 12/16/13 1:34pm

US Court: Cops Can Constitutionally Seize Your Web Domain

Part of ICE's super domain snatching spree is a site called Rojadirecta.com, which streamed sports programming. The owners cried foul: there was legal content on the site, and shuttering the whole thing suppressed free speech. A US judge: nope. » 8/05/11 10:37am 8/05/11 10:37am