Apple Is Now a More Valuable Brand Than Coca-Cola

In what could be seen as a defining moment for tech, Apple has surpassed Coca-Cola to become the most valuable brand on the planet. » 9/30/13 4:32am 9/30/13 4:32am

How It All Went Wrong For Sony

Over the past decade Sony has fallen from tech giant to struggling underdog, with a series of mistakes and mismanagement causing the firm to miss out on just about every big advance in consumer electronics. But where did it all go wrong? » 4/16/12 4:24am 4/16/12 4:24am

This Video Attack of Google's (and Eric Schmidt) Stance On Privacy…

In the video, Eric Schmidt is caricatured as a creepy ice cream salesman who offers free Google ice cream in exchange for a full body scan. It was funded by ConsumerWatchdog and aired on a jumbotron in Times Square. » 9/04/10 3:00pm 9/04/10 3:00pm

Circuit City Severance Package About As Crappy As Its Service

Sure, election coverage is getting the most play tonight, but we're equally (well, almost) invested in the destruction of everybody's favorite mediocre consumer electronics chain – Circuit City » 11/05/08 12:30am 11/05/08 12:30am. A tipster has sent us a sneak peek at Circuit City's severance pay, and it's not pretty. Part-time associates get an extra…

HP Pavillion DV Series Notebooks Redesigned with Magic Chrome, Blu-ray,…

HP overhauled its feature-packed consumer DV notebooks, the familiar black-and-silver ID getting a "magic chrome" enhancement: otherwise invisible controls light-up when touched. It's the first new look for the Pavilion line since 2006. The entire line features HD tuners, Blu-ray drives, webcams, fingerprint readers… » 6/10/08 4:00am 6/10/08 4:00am

Laptops Are Built Like Crap

Consumer Reports recently posted this chart showing the percentage of laptops that need some serious repair - we believe/hope over the life of the product. These numbers are staggering, as is the fact that there is only a 3% difference between leaders Sony and Lenovo and losers Compaq and Gateway. » 10/28/06 4:38pm 10/28/06 4:38pm