Circuit City Severance Package About As Crappy As Its Service

Sure, election coverage is getting the most play tonight, but we're equally (well, almost) invested in the destruction of everybody's favorite mediocre consumer electronics chain – Circuit City »11/05/08 12:30am11/05/08 12:30am. A tipster has sent us a sneak peek at Circuit City's severance pay, and it's not pretty. Part-time associates get an extra…

Howard Stringer Says Sony's So Big, It Makes Same Gadgets Twice

In perhaps the most spirited and cheery interview I've ever seen given by Sony chair Howard Stringer, the knight of the realm tells Charlie Rose that after several years in the driver's seat, he's still trying to integrate all of the electronics divisions of Sony. "We're so big that we're making the same thing twice… »10/09/08 9:30pm10/09/08 9:30pm

Dead Terminator Turned Into DVD Player Is Ultimate Insult to Skynet

Look, John Connor, I get that we at Skynet are considered your enemies. I also understand that with the whole trying to "terminate" you thing, you'd probably get a little "drag Hector around the walls of Troy" once you've claimed victory over one of us »8/16/08 2:30pm8/16/08 2:30pm. But this, sir, is ridiculous. Even genocidal robots have certain…

All Giz Wants: Consumer Electronics That Don't Act Like PCs

I know "All Giz Wants" are supposed to be fantasies involving shiny objects, but this really is my fantasy: I'd like high-def disc players that don't flash "unreadable" error messages, receivers that can pull music from a network without headaches—in general, home electronics that aren't shacked by Ethernet plugs,… »12/25/07 12:00pm12/25/07 12:00pm

"Recycled" Electronics from U.S. Poisoning Workers Abroad

We ship 50 to 80 percent of the 300k to 400k tons of electronics that actually make it to recycling each year—out of 2 million tons tossed—overseas. The "recycling" part happens when workers in places China, Nigeria and India bust up old gear with hammers, gas burners or their bare hands to pull out metals, glass and… »11/18/07 6:00pm11/18/07 6:00pm