Consumer Reports Bend Test Pits iPhone 6 Plus Against the Competition

Sure, Apple's only received nine reports of bent iPhones and we highly doubt you'll have any reason to worry about your own, but do Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handle the pressure any better than competing models? Consumer Reports put that to the test, pitting the new iPhones against other giant… »9/26/14 9:17pm9/26/14 9:17pm

Why Won't Consumer Reports Recommend Its Highest-Rated Phone?

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator or other boxy, new stainless steel-clad appliance, there is likely no better—or at least better respected—reference manual than Consumer Reports. It is theoretically as unbiased as a publication could be. It takes no ads, buys all its own review units*, and subjects them to… »3/28/11 4:55pm3/28/11 4:55pm

Arrington: Consumer Reports Needs To Get Its Act Together on iPhone 4

Mike Arrington has a post over at TechCrunch taking Consumer Reports to task over their iPhone 4 coverage. And it's true! It feels like there's a new Consumer Reports update every day that either repeats or directly contradicts the previous day's. It's well worth a read to see it all laid out like this, especially for… »7/15/10 1:52pm7/15/10 1:52pm