4 Apps to Get All of Your Contacts in One Place

If you've got a well-organized contacts book, our hats are tipped in your direction. Keeping track of hundreds of people across dozens of sites and services is no easy task, and it seems strange that no one's quite cracked the formula for getting all this information sorted out. Here are four apps taking on the… »3/03/15 7:19pm3/03/15 7:19pm

NumberSnap for Android: Secretly Snap Pics and Never Forget a Face

For a good portion of the population, remembering both names and faces is a task too astronomical to even conceive of. You meet a fun, new person, and you don't want to be rude—but chances are, as soon as they walk away, you've already forgotten what they look like. The problem only exacerbated when you've downed a… »7/23/13 6:00pm7/23/13 6:00pm

Buzz Contacts for iPhone: A Faster and Smarter Contacts App That's Better Than Apple's

I was always confused at why Apple bothered making a contacts 'app' since it was nothing more than a shortcut for what was already inside the contacts tab in phone app. There was no imagination to it! Buzz Contacts is a contacts app that's actually useful: it's faster, better and looks reaaaally good. »2/22/12 6:07pm2/22/12 6:07pm