Someone Should Make These Clever Mobile Container Hospitals

Created by designer Kukil Han, this container expands into a medical structure three times its original size. The container itself can carry the beds and supplies. You can even combine four modules to create a minihospital with four wings. » 7/25/11 7:40pm 7/25/11 7:40pm

Concept Butter Package Packs A Butter Knife In The Lid

Single servings of butter are almost always a pain to use. This concept packaging would revolutionize single serving butter because you don't need a butter knife. The lid of the package is the butter knife. I want this so bad. » 10/30/10 6:00pm 10/30/10 6:00pm

Microsoft's 224,000 Servers Fit Into 112 Containers and Only Take Four…

There are 2,000 in that container. And there are 112 such containers in Microsoft's $500 million Chicago data center. It may seem somewhat ridiculous, but this container-based data center design is absolutely brilliant (and environmentally sustainable to boot). » 9/30/09 10:00pm 9/30/09 10:00pm

Video: The Illy Shipping Container House

Gridskipper's got a video of the Illy House in a Shipping Container, the shipping container that (surprise!) transformers into something you can actually live in. The thing takes a good amount of time to change—this ain't no Bumblebee—but something tells us that if Dexter was in one of these instead of a real shipping… » 12/14/07 3:21pm 12/14/07 3:21pm