Net Neutrality Shouldn't Extend to Illegal Acts, Says FCC Comissioner

One of the FCC's five commissioners, Jonathan Adelstein, said during a recent symposium on FCC Internet Video Policy that the FCC's rules shouldn't permit "illegal acts." Sure, illegal downloading is a serious problem, especially if you're a copyright-holding movie studio. But does that mean the FCC is actually… »3/20/08 9:20am3/20/08 9:20am

RIAA Wants Your Anti-Virus Software to Screen Your Downloads for Pirated Content

Content filter version one: A massive, network-wide dragnet. Not really feeling that Big Bro deal, even though RIAA chief Cary Sherman says it "doesn't give any privacy concerns because it can operate automatically and anonymously"? It's cool, there's a better approach: A locally installed filter on your… »2/07/08 1:25pm2/07/08 1:25pm