Adobe CS3 Is Finally Here; May Prove Macromedia Merger Was Good Idea

For all you graphics geeks who have been waiting eagerly to find out whether or not Adobe has screwed up all of your favorite Macromedia design tools, now's your chance to plunk down $1,000+ to find out. CS3 launches today, and it's as freakin' thorough as expected. You can buy Design Premium for $1,799, Design… » 4/16/07 9:40am 4/16/07 9:40am

Super Slo-Mo: First Commercial Shot With the Kick-Ass Phantom HD Camera

Serious progress is being made with digital film technology, with extremely high-rez cameras by Thompson, Dalsa and the upcoming Red One rivaling imagery that until recently could only be acquired on film. Now here's the first commercial spot shot with a one of the latest innovations in digital film, the 2K… » 1/25/07 3:59pm 1/25/07 3:59pm

Adobe Video Post Suite for Mac Announced

Adobe announced its Production Studio software is on its way for the Mac, returning the respectable Adobe Premiere Pro nonlinear editing software back to the Mac whence it came. Also newly available on the Mac will be DVD authoring software Adobe Encore and the new Adobe Soundbooth, which makes audio production more… » 1/04/07 9:13am 1/04/07 9:13am