Verizon May Offer Contract-Free Service on September 21st

According to an inside source at BGR, Verizon is looking to offer a contract-free service starting on September 21st. Unlike their EasyPay plan, pre-payment is not a requirement. Therefore, users could terminate their service without penalty and make upgrades freely as long as they pay full, unsubsidized prices for… »9/16/08 6:20pm9/16/08 6:20pm

Internal AT&T Memo Details Contract Free Rate Plans, Handset Must be Paid for in Full

One of our sources at AT&T has leaked to us an internal document; the memo details the process for obtaining a contract bundle without the obligatory 1 or 2-year commitment term. The basis for the non-commitment bundles is the customer must pay for the handset in full, losing the subsidized rate that is offered with… »1/24/08 7:35am1/24/08 7:35am