Amazon Forces Workers to Sign Sinister Non-Compete Agreements 

AT&T Is Making Its Shared Data Family Plans Way Cheaper

Over the weekend, AT&T announced that it's cutting the prices of its Mobile Share Value plans that are aimed at families—and it could save you between $50 and $100 a month. » 2/03/14 4:30am 2/03/14 4:30am

FCC Chairman: I Want Carriers to Allow Phone Unlocking

The newly crowned chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, is clearly an ambitious man: he's on a crusade to get carriers to allow phone unlocking. » 11/15/13 3:40am 11/15/13 3:40am

There's an App For Legally Binding Contracts

Signing something on a smartphone may not feel very legit, but be careful where you squiggle because mobile contracts are for real. And if you're trying to keep legal fees down, a contracts app like Shake may actually help. Shake's CEO claims that $1 million worth of contracts have already been signed on the app,… » 9/15/13 6:39pm 9/15/13 6:39pm

AT&T's New Next Plan Lets You Upgrade Your Phone Every Year

Less than a week after T-Mobile announced its new upgrade-at-will Jump plan, AT&T has announced that its new Next scheme will offer yearly upgrades as part of a new monthly instalment plan. » 7/16/13 9:00am 7/16/13 9:00am

You Have to Wait a Full Two Years to Upgrade on AT&T Now

AT&T has announced that it's extending its standard upgrade interval from 20 months to 24—the full stretch of most contracts. » 6/10/13 4:09am 6/10/13 4:09am

T-Mobile Has To Stop Its "Deceptive" No-Contract Ad Push

T-Mobile's big no-contract, Uncarrier campaign just hit a bit of a snag; Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has ordered the company to correct the deceptive campaign, which promised no contracts and no commitment without saying anything about hardware subsidies. T-Mobile has agreed to update the ads… » 4/25/13 3:38pm 4/25/13 3:38pm

The T-Mobile iPhone Is Here at Last

We knew it was coming sometime this year, and yesterday we heard murmurs that "sometime" could be today, and at last, it is. T-Mobile has an iPhone 5. Yes, it's the same iPhone 5 that was announced five months ago, but maybe (just maybe) it's better. » 3/26/13 11:34am 3/26/13 11:34am

A Father Gave His Daughter a $200 Contract to Stay Off Facebook

If your kid is spending too much time on Facebook, what should you do? Cut the Internet? Annoying for you. Restrict their access? Not realistic. Ground them? Haha. What about give them a signed contract that promises them 200 bucks if they stay off Facebook for five months? Sounds like a plan! » 2/06/13 9:00pm 2/06/13 9:00pm

The iPhone 5 Really Costs You $1800

Though you may think the iPhone 5 only costs $200, you're forgetting about the contract that's tied to it. Yep, that fatty two-year, soul-selling new contract you get when you buy a new iPhone. That's the real cost of the iPhone 5 and it can get quite expensive. » 10/02/12 7:00pm 10/02/12 7:00pm

Redbox Puts the Kibosh on WB's 56-day Waiting Period

While Netflix is happy to kowtow to Warner Brothers Studio's title-delaying demands, Redbox is having none of it. The curbside video rental chain just let its contract with WB expire over the issue—allowing Redbox to rent its WB catalog ahead of the competition. » 1/31/12 11:57pm 1/31/12 11:57pm

Apple Founding Papers Are Up For Sale

"Stephen G. Wozniak", "steven p. jobs" and "Ronald Wayne". The latter had the best signature on Apple Computer's founding contract, signed on April 1st, 1976. Too bad he used it again to sell his 10% share for $800. » 12/01/11 5:40pm 12/01/11 5:40pm

French Cellphone Contracts Will Be the Death of You

Thought getting out of cellphone contracts here in the US was bad? Sorry. It's got nothing on what American-in-Paris Leonora Epstein went through trying to break up with Orange. This is her story. Quelle horreur! » 12/20/10 1:20pm 12/20/10 1:20pm

Sprint Boost Customers Will Be Rewarded Every Six Months With Cheaper…

Good news for Sprint Boost Mobile customers—every six months, the network will reduce the monthly price of the contract by $5. That means anyone on a $50 contract could end up paying just $35 a month after 18 months. [Bloomberg] » 10/14/10 5:40am 10/14/10 5:40am

Sprint to Begin Throttling Data This Summer?

There aren't many details available yet, but it looks as though Sprint may exercise its fine-printed right to throttle your data starting this summer. That's bad news for you newly minted Evo 4G owners. » 6/11/10 2:52pm 6/11/10 2:52pm

Why Is AT&T Suddenly So Generous?

AT&T's upgrade offer for iPhone 4 is "generous," as Steve Jobs put it. Any iPhone owner eligible for an upgrade any time this year can upgrade immediately—up to six months early. But maybe you shouldn't. » 6/07/10 4:50pm 6/07/10 4:50pm

UK iPad Data Tariffs Announced For Orange, O2 and Vodafone

Apple has sneakily put the UK iPad data plans up on its website before networks Orange, O2 and Vodafone have had a chance to issue news themselves—and what's obvious so far is that it pays to shop around. » 5/10/10 6:00am 5/10/10 6:00am

The FCC Finds Verizon's Termination Fee Defense "Troubling"

Verizon's been defending its ridiculous $350 smartphone early termination fee to the FCC, but those folks aren't having any of it. In fact, the five-person committee dealing with the issue thinks Verizon's answers are "unsatisfying and, in some cases, troubling." » 12/23/09 9:04pm 12/23/09 9:04pm

Verizon Defends $350 Early Termination Fee to the FCC

Have you guys heard? Verizon needs to charge a $350 ETF on smartphones to survive! Otherwise they won't be able to pay for their network! Wait...that doesn't make any sense. » 12/21/09 9:48am 12/21/09 9:48am

Senator Introduces Bill to Smack Down Early Termination Fees

Amy Klobuchar, True America Hero and Senator of Minnesota, introduced a bill in Congress today in response to Verizon's doubled early termination fees, aiming to limit them. » 12/04/09 3:40am 12/04/09 3:40am