Listen to the Man Who Invented 'Control-Alt-Delete' Explain Its Origin (And Insult Bill Gates in the Process)

David Bradley is the IBM programmer responsible for bringing "Control-Alt-Delete," that most comforting of key-combinations, into this world. Here he explains how it came to be and can't help but add who he considers responsible for making it a 'cultural icon.' Hint: that person is not very amused with the… »3/09/11 8:40pm3/09/11 8:40pm


HP's Wireless Comfort Keyboard Has Emergency CTRL-ALT-DEL Key

HP's Wireless Comfort keyboard and mouse combo has a number of other things going for it, apart from being wireless: the mouse has an ergonomic design, four-way tilt wheel and programmable buttons, and the keyboard's got a cushioned wrist-rest, a rotary selector control and 31 programmable function keys. Including a… »9/17/08 9:15am9/17/08 9:15am