Tiwi Blackbox for the Car Tattles When Your Kids Speed

I love driving fast, but when I have kids, I'm going to put them in the slowest, safest car imaginable, wrap pillows and old tires around the outside and install this Tiwi blackbox to let me know when they're speeding. It has GPS and some cellular connectivity. When a driver goes too fast, it issues a verbal warning:… » 6/30/08 10:40pm 6/30/08 10:40pm

Logitech's Harmony Remotes to get Speech Recognition, Biometrics and…

Just when you thought they couldn't cram any more features into their Harmony 1000, the folks at Logitech are planning to give their uber remote a trio of features that'll include speech recognition, biometric security and a built-in search function. » 5/07/07 9:00pm 5/07/07 9:00pm